Kristin Harvey was born in the hot Central Valley of California. She began to draw and paint as a very young child. She had great support from both of her parents. Her mother was creative in anything she did. Her father built her a chalkboard that covered an entire wall and gave her every available color of chalk. She used them all, expressing fantasies and dreams, which began to come true when she headed to San Francisco after high school to study at The Academy of Art University.

After graduation, armed with her BFA, the young artist began a career in the San Francisco Bay Area as a digital art, website and graphic designer, primarily for several video game companies. Her major client was Sega, but on the side, she didn’t neglect charitable activities, and also did things such as taking care of the scenery for her favorite children’s theatre project.

A bit more than a decade later, a desire to check out the East Coast drew Kristin to New York State where she continued her design career. There she met (and married) Bill, her husband. Their new home had a perfect studio space. Design and graphics gradually gave way to more expressive work – to fine art. By 2015, paintings on canvas had become Kristin’s primary focus. However, Kristin missed her family. They packed up and headed back to the West in search of sunshine near her folks. Green Valley, Arizona, is where they landed, and where they happily still reside. It is easy to see that the brilliant Southwest sunshine suffuses the artist’s heart – and every painting she creates. 



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Kristin Harvey Demonstrates Canvas Preparation for Impasto Effects with Acrylics

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Walk through my booth at Desert Meadows Park in Green Valley, AZ, Art in the Park event.

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